I have met many developers who think they know everything (and are happy to tell you that they do); they found a way to write some functions and they have used that pattern ever since (because it is the best). Professional Development is an alien topic to them; why would they spend hours watching videos or reading articles when they have work to do?

As a developer I feel that continual professional development is key; not only to your ability as a coder but also to any projects which you may already be working on. There is always a better way to do something (not that is always a reason for refactoring!).

As part of my continual professional development (CPD) I spend several hours a week watching training videos on new subjects, reading blog articles, and looking at other’s code for inspiration.

This page exists to list some training resources that I have found particularly useful (I am not professionally linked to any of these sites or services, I just found them useful); in addition to these you can also find a list of most of the training videos I have watched here.

Development Practices



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