Over the years we all collate a list of sites/blogs/etc that we keep an eye on (or that form our morning coffee reading list); personally I used to use Google Reader to aggregate all my rss feeds. Unfortunately Google decided for some unknown reason to shut it down; since then I have been using “the older reader” to group together my feeds; it is perfect!

Out of my morning coffee link list I feel these are worth visiting, reading, and subscribing with, you may or may not agree (but isn’t that the joy of the internet?):

You can also find me on the web at:

Blogs etc

  • Coding Horror Programming and the human factor
  • Daily .NET Tips As the title says, daily .NET tips
  • John Skeet John Skeet’s Coding Blog
  • Mark Zhou Mark Zhou – A developer who develops for developers
  • Scott Hanselman Scott is a programmer, teacher and tech speaker who writes some very interesting articles.
  • Scott Helme This Scott is a security researcher and speaker from the UK; if you are interested in web security (HTTPS, CSP, SRI, etc) then Scott’s blog is a must.
  • Troy Hunt An Aussie MVP Security Expert who also writes some great PluralSight courses
  • Lars Klint Lars is a Microsoft MVP, PluralSight Author, and speaker. He knows alot about mobile development and according to his bio is a part time crocodile wrangler!
  • Cloudflare Cloudflare basically run the internet, so read!


  • .NET Blog The .NET Blog; written by the .NET team.
  • Brent Ozar Brent Ozar are the experts on most things SQL
  • Daily .NET Tips As the title says, daily .NET tips
  • JetBrains Company Blog JetBrains make many useful .NET tools, one (resharper) that I use on a daily basis
  • Scott Hanselman Scott is a programmer, teacher and tech speaker who writes some very interesting articles.
  • MSSQL Tiger Team MSSQL Tiger Team This is the official team web log for SQL Server engineering (TIGER) team

Other Useful Sites

  • Have I Been Pwned? HaveIBeenPwned.com is a project by Troy Hunt; he collates many of the data leaks online and presents them in a way that can be searched for your own protection!
  • Report-Uri A great resource run by Scott Helme allowing you to track the effectivnes (and any problems with) your Content Security Polices and the like.

Web comics

  • CommitStrip A web comic about the daily life of some web developers
  • Dilbert You must know who dilbert is? You don’t, then go start from comic #1
  • Hi, I’m Liz Quick and simple web comic that always creates a laugh!
  • Questionable Content I have read QC from start to now; I own the print books, need I say more?
  • XKCD Would any list of web comics be complete without the genius that is XKCD?

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash.