Everyone loves a badge or a sticker don’t they. There are so many websites which display a Trusted/Verified logo like these: Some badges that claim a website is secure Those in the know are more than aware that these are easy to fake; and as such mean very little.

That being said everyone loves a badge! So here are a few that actually do matter and relate to melodiouscode.net. You can verify them all using the links provided!

SSL Labs

Verify Here SSL Labs verifies the level of transit security used by a website; the types of encryption available, the use of HSTS, etc. A screenshot of the results when scanning this website with the SSL Labs Tool


Verify Here securityheaders.io is a service run by Scott Helme which checks other important security features such as CSP, XSS protection, etc. A screenshot of the results when scanning this site with the SecurityHeaders.io website

Mozilla Observatory

Verify Here The Mozilla Observatory works in much the same was as securityheaders.io but goes into a bit more depth in some places. A screenshot of the results from scanning this site with the Mozilla Observatory

HSTS Preload

Verify Here You can read about HSTS and the PreLoad directive in my ‘HTTPS is just the tip of the sword’ article. HSTS Preload screenshot showing this website is pre-loaded


This website is served via the Cloudflare system; caching the site at an edge node near you. Along with caching Cloudflare also provides HTTPS, improved load times, and enhanced security. Cloudflare logo badge

The old ones are always the best

Valid CSS!

Valid CSS!

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