Are you new to the internet (is anyone?) or are you taking the first steps on your businesses digital journey? Do you know your search engine optimisation from your organic search results (no they aren’t what hippies do around the veg section at the supermarket)? Google have come out with a new free certification (yep you get a nice certificate) to help you and your business find the right path online.

The course teaches you everything from the basics of content creation (pages, blog posts, etc) all the way through to creating an effective and successful social media marketing campaign. The course is laid out in small subject sections with video instructions followed by knowledge checks; each subject then has a small multiple choice test before you move onto the next subject. At the very end of the subject list is a 40 question multiple choice test which ends in your free certification in Digital Marketing from Google!

The subjects start off with “Taking a business online” followed by a set of subjects on “Reaching your target audience” and “eCommerce” ending with pointers on taking your now successful business global!

The certification is free and completely self paced and online; you can take a look and if its not for you give up and no one will ever know (or you can come back later). So why not take a look; even if digital marketing or social media campaigning isn’t part of your job (it isn’t part of mine, but knowing what people want helps me to design better products as a developer) it is another skill to list on your CV! Check out the Google Digital Garage now!

####The image at the top of this page is owned by Google and has been used to relate to their product; you can also check out my certificate over on my Courses & Certifications page.