Our dog, Daisy the West Highland White Terrier, decided she desperately needed a pee at 5:50 am on Saturday; and the weekend makes it my turn to get up with her! After dealing with her needs and turning on the coffee machine I didn’t fancy picking up the project I have been working on and decided to try something new.

I needed a link for the password reset and password change pages of the project I am working on. I wanted to present the user with some simple to understand advice on how to pick a good password; don’t get me wrong there are some great resources out there but none of the ones I came across was simple enough for what I wanted. Being the over the top domain name owner that I am (seriously I have a problem) I went and bought some more.

On Saturday morning I wrote a simple one-page website that is now hosted on be-a-password.ninja (and beapassword.ninja just for completeness sake). It is a work in progress and just a simple site for the moment, as brain power and time allows it will become more detailed and hopefully more useful to the world. But for now, go and become a password ninja!

If anyone has any suggestions or comments (make them constructive) please leave a comment here!

And for those who don’t know, this is Daisy! IMG_20180521_200109-min

The header image for this post was supplied by @lasayehommes on unsplash.com. Thanks!